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Love Is Not Pain: Meko Kelly's Story Of Victory

G: Let's start from the beginning. You're a singer and songwriter - take us back to how that all begin. When did you first get into music? Was that something you always wanted to do?

M: My mother was a singer and musician who sang with gospel legends and a background vocalist for major artists and taught me how to sing. Later, when my father became a pastor I started leading praise and worship. I always wanted to sing; I loved gospel music but I was a huge fan of Mary J. Blige and wanted to be her.

G: When would you say you got your first big break? When did first start being recognized for your work?

M: My first big break was writing and performing a song for a movie soundtrack. My friend DJ Ran was the executive producer for the movie “O” and he asked me to write a song to be featured in the film. I wrote the song, recorded it in Philadelphia and a month later I flew to LA to shoot a video for it. The video was featured on BET and it was surreal. The first time I saw the video on television I cried. 

G: Now let's take it back a bit. What was life like for you growing up? Tell us a little about your upbringing.

M: I lost my mother to cancer at 8 years old and after she passed things got crazy. I was molested by several family members and after my dad remarried I was picked on by my stepfamily. I became depressed and developed low self esteem. I often thought of suicide and suffered with severe anxiety.

G: You've experienced a great deal of trauma and pain throughout your life. Tell those who are just connecting with you about what you've been through as a young woman, and how it affected your life.

M: After my video aired on BET, I ended up losing my record deal. In order to feed my two year old son, I became a prostitute and a madam. I knew it was a bad decision but at the time I felt it was the only choice I had. I became addicted to the money and for several years I struggled with drug use, depression and domestic violence. I hid from my family and friends; I didn’t want them to know what I was doing because I didn’t want them to judge me. Now I know that I needed to tell them. If they knew what happened I’m sure they would have helped me.

G: Do you feel like what you've been through has made you stronger or even a better person? What did facing adversity teach you in your opinion?

M: I never knew real love and allowed men to disrespect me. Going through this journey has given me supernatural strength to be the woman God created me to be. I used to be ashamed and scared to talk about my story but now I’m willing to share it in order to help someone else.

G: Let's get into the music industry and your experiences. One of the things your're really passionate about is having proper legal representation when it comes to contracts, how you do business, etc. What did you experience that makes you so passionate about the music industry and the right way to do things?

M: I am passionate about artists protecting themselves because when I first started in the music industry I didn’t know that I needed contracts to protect myself. I have music on iTunes that I don’t receive royalties for because I didn’t handle my business. I suggest all artists to create a business, copyright their lyrics, and create contracts with every producer and songwriter they collaborate with. You never know if your song will be a hit record and if you don’t own it, you can’t collect your royalties.

G: After all of the adversity you've faced, how did you bounce back and become in many aspects even stronger?

M: Prayer, meditation and surrounding myself with people who love me was a major key to getting my life back on track. I am now married and a mother of three beautiful children and they give me the strength I need to move forward.

G: Nowadays you do quite a bit beyond music and entertainment. Tell us a little about that. Which of your projects excites you the most?

M: Out of all of my projects, managing and consulting brands really excites me. My husband, DJ Sixth Sense, and I started a consulting company in 2015 that specializes in artist development, music reviews and video treatments. We’re currently developing a label that actually pays artists and allows them to own their own business.

G: Your book "Love is not Pain" details a lot of your story. What can people expect when they purchase it?

M: They can expect to laugh, cry, and hear a real story on how I bounced back after pain. My mission is to empower young and adult women to recognize the difference between real love and toxic relationships. I hope that it helps someone who experienced trauma to deal with it head on and to heal.

G: So what's next for you and your brand? Let everyone know what you're working on and what you have coming up.

M: I’m working on turning Love Is Not Pain into a movie! After directing video treatments I developed a passion for film making. I also plan to continue advocating for victims of domestic violence and raise money to help them. Lastly, I want to take my business development program for teen girls, “The Boss Academy” global by launching it online to give girls a chance to be their own boss.

Thank you so much for featuring me!!!

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